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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 9:55am

Bill Would Tighten Water Transfers

Some rural lawmakers in the state house want to make sure water transfers from one river basin to another get more scrutiny from State officials.

The move comes after the Department of Natural Resources issued new rules on water tansfer permits.

New regulations passed by the DNR board say the Environmental Protection Division should look at environmental and economic effects of interbasin transfers when giving out permits.

But that wording is not strong enough for State Representative Alan Powell from Hartwell. He says EPD must consider the effects on local economies and environments when shifting water between river systems.

"We're not really that interested in running pipelines out of Lake Hartwell and lakes in North Georgia down into Metro Atlanta," says Powell.

With a federal deadline of 2012 looming for Georgia's use of Lake Lanier as a water source for Metro Atlanta, communities in other parts of the state are wary of any efforts to shift water resources.

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