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Thursday, January 27, 2011 - 12:43pm

Music Hall Board Needs More Time

The Georgia Music Hall of Fame’s future is uncertain after its authority board failed to approve a plan for the museum Wednesday.

Macon is vying to keep the hall, while Athens, Dunwoody and Woodstock are trying to lure it to their communities.

After 15 years of subsidizing the museum to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, the cash-strapped state is set to end funding by June 30th.

But board member Rob Gibson says the hall was never meant to be self-supporting.

“Most museums by definition are not for profit institutions and that was not the goal when the Hall of Fame was conceived back in the early 1990’s.”

Gibson says he would like officials to re-consider the need for a museum, and instead focus on preserving the artifacts in a place like a library that could sponsor traveling exhibits.

Meanwhile, State Representative Allen Peake of Macon is not happy about what he calls a “non-decision.”

"I’m pretty disappointed. From looking at the proposals, what I saw it’s clear that Macon had the best proposal from a self-sustaining standpoint, from a funding standpoint, from an operational standpoint.”

The board will now have to seek guidance from the Governor’s office on what to do next. The board has an April 15th deadline to decide on a plan.

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