Tue., January 25, 2011 6:14pm (EST)

Gov. Deal Speaks on Tri State Water Dispute
By Susanna Capelotuo
Updated: 4 years ago

Lake Lanier (GPB stock image)
Lake Lanier (GPB stock image)
Governor Nathan Deal has to deal with a 2012 deadline set by a federal judge to solve the tri state water dispute. The Governor spoke at the annual Eggs and Issues Breakfast sponsored by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. He told hundreds of business leaders from around the state that he will continue to negotiate with neighboring states, but also plan for more water storage.

“Today I’m announcing that I am directing GEFA to develop and launch the Georgia water supply development program. This program will align and mobilize state resources to assist local government to develop new sources of water supply.”

Deal says Georgia cannot rely on federally controlled reservoirs in the future. He says while no new reservoir can be built by the 2012 deadline, he wants local governments to start thinking about alternatives.