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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 - 2:02pm

Ga. Lawmakers Not Pushing Arizona Style Immigration Law

House Speaker David Ralston told Georgia business leaders today that he will make sure any new state immigration legislation will not hurt Georgia’s economy. Business leaders worry about consequences of any new laws.

Much has been said about enacting an Arizona style immigration law in Georgia during the campaign last year, but lawmakers are not pushing yet to copy that law. For one, there’s the worry that it could scare off a much needed labor force. At the annual Eggs and Issues Breakfast sponsored by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, House Speaker David Ralston gave assurances to hundreds of Georgia’s business owners.

“I will not support provisions that are punitive towards small businesses in Georgia or that put to onerous a burden on our small businesses.”

But Ralston acknowledged that taxpayers demand that Georgia is governed by the rule of law. He says he’s disappointed the federal government has been unable to act on illegal immigration.