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Friday, January 14, 2011 - 12:43pm

DOT Criticized for Poor Storm Prep

The Georgia Department of Transportation says it has enough equipment to handle a typical Georgia snow. The department is defending it’s handling of the icy roads this week.

Normal Georgia snow events last maybe two days, but freezing rain followed by freezing temperatures in North Georgia complicated everything. Now the DOT is under scrutiny, for not having enough snow equipment.

DOT spokesman Mark McKinnon says budgets are tight and storms like this are very rare.

"Back in the summer time we had budget issues and could not do as much mowing or litter pick up. Do we sacrifice that money to buy snow equipment that we may use every 10 years."

McKinnon says he understands that people may be upset, but he says icy roads like the one Georgia faced this week are the hardest to fight.