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Thursday, January 13, 2011 - 12:21pm

Storm Levels Hit On Trucking Industry

Because of icy roads, the metro Atlanta region has been the slowest to recover in the aftermath of the winter storm that hit the state this week. And people all over Georgia are feeling the effects -- at their local grocery or retail store.

A Cartersville-based trucking company has lost money because it had to park all 60 of its trucks Monday and Tuesday. The frustration of Andrew Smith with ‘Georgia Southern Transportations’ probably could be repeated by others in his industry:
“My father who’s the owner was going to send a letter to the DOT about the lack of progress made. I don’t know what they’ve been doing.”

The DOT’s been working around the clock to clear the region’s roads, but it’s been slow going. Lines of trucks simply parked on the interstates have been common.

Time is money. Trucking companies are taking a hit, as are retailers who don’t get shipments. Ed Crowell is president of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association:

“What you’ve got is a combination of deliveries that will never be made, along with those that will be caught-up or made later, so you’re not exactly sure what the times will be there. It’s been significant, no doubt about it.”

Crowell says a final tally might not come for a few weeks. But he expects losses in the millions of dollars for the industry.

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