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Monday, January 10, 2011 - 1:28pm

Road Conditions Imprvoing

The Department of Transportation says conditions on the state’s roads are improving after a snowstorm covered much of Georgia this morning.

DOT spokesman Rick Parham says while crews have been able to clear snow and ice away from major highways, Georgia motorists aren’t out of the woods yet.

"Overnight we’re worried about the ice reforming and we treat it but after we treat it it could ice up again so we’re having to constantly keep an eye on that…especially bridges and overpasses and ramps and stuff like that on the interstates."

Parham says ice and sleet will likely continue through Tuesday and that drivers should leave about 10 times the normal following distance to help prevent collisions.

The National Weather Service has issued a freezing rain advisory for most of north and central Georgia, which is in effect until 1 am.