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Monday, January 10, 2011 - 2:52am

Ice And Snow Making Travel Nearly Impossible

Sleet continues to fall across Central Georgia. Police are asking people to stay off the roads. So far nearly an inch has fallen and DOT officials say conditions are extremely hazardous. Schools are closed across the area and government offices will not open until later in the morning. Robins Air Force base is closed to everyone but essential personnel.

In anticipation of an impending winter storm, Georgia National Guardsmen are preparing equipment and issuing plans to support communities if the Governor orders their mobilization.

"Soldiers and Airmen of the Georgia National Guard stand ready to do our part to help local communities recover, if we are needed," said Maj. Gen. William Nesbitt, Georgia's Adjutant General.

Guardsmen already conducting their monthly drills today prepared humvees, loaded equipment, prepositioned supplies, and updated plans to mobilize, should the Governor call upon them. The Georgia Guard's Joint Forces Headquarters also brought its Joint Operations Center staffing up to operating capacity Sunday in order to monitor the storm and manage any potential response by the National Guard.