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Friday, January 7, 2011 - 9:44am

State Reels in $13M in Back Taxes

The state hired over a hundred people to ramp up its efforts to reel in back taxes. So far they’ve brought in enough revenue to pay for the positions and then some.

The Department of Revenue hired 120 people this summer to bring in delinquent taxes. They’ve collected almost $13 million dollars thus far. Minus the money it cost to hire them, that’s about $5.5 million the state has gained. But this year’s budget is counting on more.

"There was about $40 million added to the revenue estimate that was in anticipation that was actually a just percentage of what they expected to bring in," says Senate Appropriations Chairman Republican Jack Hill.

The revenue department says many of the auditors are still in training, so the full impact of their efforts aren’t yet realized.

Most of the back taxes collected have come from individual income taxes.