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Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - 1:10pm

Tax Council Not Ready for G-Word

The Panel charged with overhauling the State’s tax code is only days away from making its recommendations. But at one of its last meetings held Wednesday specifics where still kept under wraps.

By law the special council for tax reform and fairness has to deliver its recommended changed to legislative leaders on Monday.

Council chairman AD Frazier says he is not ready to say whether a return to a tax on groceries is part of the package.

"We will make a recommendation on state sales tax on a number of things and I’m not going to say the G-word today," he told reporters after the meeting. "This is something we still have to do some work on and we’re going to do it."

Frazier hinted that recommendation could include lower personal and corporate income taxes and an increase in the cigarette tax. He says any changes will be revenue neutral and aimed at boosting Georgia’s business climate.

"We now know that states like Tennessee and South Carolina have policy groups strategizing how they can get business from us. They’re coming after us," Frazier says.

Once the tax reform council hands it's recommendations to the Speaker of the House and the Lieutenant Governor, it will be up to them to make them public. Legislators will then have an up or down vote on the tax reform package.

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