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Monday, January 3, 2011 - 4:01am

Macon's Music Hall Bid Released

Macon Sunday released details of its bid to try to keep the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in the middle Georgia city.

The Telegraph reports the 36-page proposal includes a blueprint for a five-year transition to self-sufficiency that would need $1.45 million in community support. The bid argues that since the Music Hall of Fame is already in Macon, there won’t be any new costs for new construction or moving the museum’s collection.

Halls of Fame Inc., a public-private partnership that is working to keep both museums in Macon, offered the only bid for the sports hall.

The state’s Legislature has said it will stop funding both the Music and Sports halls, both of which are in Macon.
There are already bids on the table from groups in Athens, Dahlonega, Dunwoody and Woodstock for the Music Hall.


Edgar Treiguts

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