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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - 9:43am

Judicial Watchdog Agency Short On Funds

The state agency that investigates and prosecutes bad judges is running out of money. The head of the Judicial Qualification’s Commission says they needs 50-thousand dollars in emergency funds to keep working.

The JQC has two full time employees and a part-time investigator. They recently moved their offices to save on rent.

Director Jeff Davis says the reason for the shortfall is the increase in complaints. They are on track to triple their caseload this fiscal year, which ends in July. They only have 16-hundred dollars left for investigations and prosecutions.

“We need funding now. Every day that we wait for it is another day that we’re not able to properly investigate judicial misconduct.”

Davis will ask lawmakers for the money when the Legislature reconvenes next month. He says several cases will not move forward without the money.