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Friday, December 24, 2010 - 9:40am

Good Travel Conditions May Change

Forecasts for a white Christmas may be keeping last minute shoppers and travelers off the road. State officials say traffic across Georgia has been calm and free of congestion. Local county police departments that braced for an onslaught of crowds were surprised as the roads remained clear.

Christy Lowe with Georgia Navigator says although conditions are good now, highways could change at any moment.

“There are a hand full of people that are out shopping but with the traffic it could change at any time. Right now we’re not showing any problems. Tomorrow should be about the same but it could change because of the weather.”

Lowe says it’s impossible to predict what will happen later in the evening. But, she says if the weather does change, Georgia Navigator will have alerts about road closures and dangerous conditions throughout the weekend. People can reach Georgia Navigator by dialing 511 or by visiting

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