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Friday, December 24, 2010 - 10:47am

Food Banks See Demand Rising

Georgia has seven food banks that distribute donated food to hundreds of churches and non profits in each of the state’s regions.

Bill Bolling is executive director of the Atlanta Community Food Bank which serves 38 North Georgia counties.

He says in November the food bank distributed 51 percent more food then the previous year.

Bolling says it’s because of a recent influx of newly poor people who have been hit hard by the recession.

"A lot of people out of work…some have lost their homes…some have used up all their savings and we’re seeing a number of people now who are coming to their local congregational pantry or feeding program for the first time in their life."

Bolling says the state’s other food banks have seen similar increases in demand.

He says it’s been a challenge to meet the rising need brought on by the bad economy.

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