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Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 10:59am

Electronic GED Testing For Georgians

For the past 68 years the General Education Development exam, or GED, has only been given in written form.

But soon Georgians will be able to take the test using a computer. Starting next year a new electronic version will be offered at testing centers across the state.

Nicole Chestang is vice president of the GED Testing Service which oversees the test nationally. She says the switch has been a long time coming.

"It’s kind of difficult to turn a program that’s more than 60 years old on a dime so the GED Testing Service and the American Council on Education have really been very careful in moving to computer based testing," says Chestang.

State Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond applauded the move to electronic testing saying it would help more Georgians get the education they need to find work.

"By putting it online this will reduce the cost. Particularly in a tough economy similar to the one we’re experiencing now this will have a tremendously positive impact," says Thurmond.

Chestang says more and more adults are taking the test to help them get better jobs.

She says the electronic test will be more widely available and potentially cheaper. Right now it costs $95 to take the GED in Georgia.

The new test will also be more difficult in order to meet recently adopted curriculum standards.