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Monday, December 20, 2010 - 5:31am

Tax Reform Good For Famers

When the Georgia Council on Tax Reform and Fairness makes it's recommendations next month, Farmers will be likely winners and consumers could bare a higher tax burden. That is the signal sent by the council's president A.D. Frazier.

The Tax Council is driven by making Georgia's Tax code friendlier to businesses so they will bring jobs into Georgia. Tax Council chair A.D. Frazier says farmers should no longer be taxed on the fuel they use in production.

"The fuel tax is uncompetitive. Every state around us does not tax fuel in agriculture. So, if someone is building a sod farm, why wouldn't they go to Alabama, where they're not taxed on energy."

With fewer taxes on business inputs, Frazier says there need to be higher sales on goods and services. Frazier says he will not talk about bringing back a tax on groceries until the final report of the council which is due January 10th.

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