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Friday, December 17, 2010 - 6:55am

HOPE Book Allowance Cut In Half

Updated: 6 years ago.
The book allowance is currently $150.00 per semester. State elected officials warned that cuts were imminent since spending on the scholarships have outpaced income from the sale of lottery tickets which fund the program. (Image courtesy Ronald Heft via Flickr.)

Georgia college students will get less money from the HOPE Scholarship next year.
Beginning July 1, a book allowance that helps students pay for textbooks will be cut in half, the Georgia Student Finance Commission said. That according to the Georgia Student Finance Commission which administers the lottery-funded HOPE Scholarship program.
In a letter to college officials, commission president Tim Connell said the reduction in the book allowance - now $150 per semester - won’t apply to students who qualify for need-based federal Pell grants.
State politicians have been warning of imminent cuts in HOPE benefits for months as spending on the scholarships continues to outpace income from the sale of lottery tickets.