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Monday, December 13, 2010 - 1:57pm

NAACP Wants Prisons Review

Four Prisons in Georgia remain on lock down. Now the NAACP wants to make sure there’s no retaliation against inmates and a review of prison conditions.

Prisoners at Hays, Macon, Telfair, and Smith state prisons placed on lockdown Thursday when the department of corrections learned of a coordinated strike effort .

Prisoner Advocates say the inmates want better work and living conditions. Edward Dubose with the Georgia NAACP says he wants a review of the system and until that happens inmates must be treated fairly.

“We hold Georgia’s governor and it’s system responsible for any harm, any retaliation that will come to the prisoners until we can find out what’s going in the system.”

DuBose says he did speak with Corrections officials who agreed to a meeting. Georgia does not pay inmates for work they do in prisons. Officials say the lockdowns will continue until an internal security review is complete.