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Monday, December 13, 2010 - 1:22pm

DNA Tests Raise Conviction Doubts

New DNA evidence is raising doubts about the case against a Georgia inmate sentenced to death after he was convicted of strangling three elderly women with their own stockings in the 1970s.

Carlton Gary's defense attorney Jack Martin said Monday that Gary's DNA tests did not match samples from one of the women. He said a test for another victim was inconclusive and samples from the third victim could not be accurately tested.

Prosecutors have called an afternoon news conference to discuss the case. But Martin said the prosecutors contend the results also may link Gary, known as the Columbus "Stocking Strangler," to a fourth victim.

Gary was scheduled to die in December 2009. But the Georgia Supreme Court halted the execution and ordered a judge to consider his request for DNA testing that wasn't available during his 1986 trial.

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