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Friday, December 10, 2010 - 3:11am

State Lawmakers Talk Water Supply

Georgia lawmakers met this week to discuss how to increase the state's water supply.

Georgia is locked in a tri-state legal battle with neighboring Florida and Alabama over water that has environmental and economic implications for the region.

Sen. Ross Tolleson of Perry says a combination of reservoir development, conservation and alternative

methods are needed to achieve an adequate supply of water. Tolleson also says the tough economic climate will hamper Georgia's ability to pay for water infrastructure projects.

Reauthorizing the use of Lake Lanier as a main water supply is a priority. But those who spoke at this week's meeting of the Joint Committee on Water Supply say a substantial investment in water infrastructure is needed.

Earlier this week, Governor Sonny Perdue sent a negotiating team from his office to meet their Alabama counterparts to keep the water discussions going. Perdue on Tuesday that the three states are “closing the gap” on reaching a water deal.


Edgar Treiguts