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Friday, December 10, 2010 - 11:29am

Film Industry Confident Tax Breaks Will Stay

While Georgia's overall economy remains stagnant, the state's film industry is booming.

Film industry officials believe that will keep them in good stead with state lawmakers who are reviewing all of Georgia's tax credits next year.

Georgia's film industry received a boost when lawmakers a few years ago approved tax breaks of up to 30% to bring film projects to the state.

A tax commission, however, is meeting to decide the future of all Georgia tax breaks.

Savannah Film Office director Jay Self says, he's confident film tax credits will survive because of the jobs they bring.

"I believe the Georgia incentive will stay where it is," Self says. "I believe that our advantage then begins to grow because our crew base grows, our infrastructure grows."

The Georgia Department of Economic Development's Film Office interim director Greg Torre says, film activity in Georgia stagnanted before the current tax credits went into effect.

"We think they're working," Torre says. "We've seen over a 400% increase in economic impact since late 2008 when they were signed into law."

The tax commission hasn't yet said which tax breaks are going or staying.

Lawmakers will vote up-or-down on their package of recommendations in the legislative session that begins next month.