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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 12:21pm

Neighbors Criticize Coal Plant Plan

The plant proposed by Power 4 Georgians would pump about 13 million gallons a day from the Oconnee River to be used in the Ogeechee River Basin.

Any extra water would be returned.

The public hearing was held because a judge ruled the exchange of water constituted an inter basin transfer.

That means permits previously issued by the EPD have been put on hold until the public comment is reviewed.

Midge Sweet of environmental group Georgians for Smart Energy was at the meeting.

She says some Washington County residents spoke up against the plant.

"Most folks spoke about how there were no guarantees that they would be able to have well water for their wells and that there was nothing in writing and what would they do if their wells went dry."

Power 4 Georgians says the plant is needed to help meet the electricity demands of Georgia’s growing population.

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