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Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 1:59pm

Perdue Says Race No Issue In CRCT Investigation

Governor Perdue today answered a charge by a group of black Atlanta pastors that the State’s investigation into cheating on the CRCT is a "witch hunt" against black teachers. The clergy is protesting possible criminal charges against educators.

Fulton County’s District Attorney, Paul Howard, said he will seek criminal prosecutions if warranted in the cheating allegations at some Atlanta public schools.

The Group called Concerned Black Clergy said the allegations unfairly target African-American teachers.

Governor Perdue says that’s not the case.
“We’re not out to criminalize any educator as long as they cooperate and are forthcoming with their testimony, and I believe the black clergy will find that out at the end of the day," Perdue said.

He said doesn’t know the ethnicity of any of the teachers, but that the students effected by the scandal are mostly African American.

“I’m more concerned about the children who are being cheated by being promoted without true education taking place.”

Perdue says he’s heard of cases where teacher’s jobs were threatened by administrators, if they did not change test results.