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Thursday, December 2, 2010 - 12:01pm

Jekyll Island Studies Conservation Funding

Jekyll Island officials want more time to work out how to pay for a new natural conservation plan.

The plan is the first of its kind in the state-run island's history.

The 50 page plan will detail management directives for each of about two dozen natural communities on Jekyll Island, including the beach and dunes.

This week, officials gave an overview of the plan at a public meeting.

Jekyll Island Authority spokesman Eric Garvey says, however, an actual document won't be available until January first.

"There are lingering issues that we need to deal with. One I can tell you is how to address responsibilities for executing the plan," Garvey says. "We want this plan to be something that doesn't sit on the shelf, that it's active. And so, there is in the plan a recommendation for a staffing model."

That means figuring out who will see the plan implemented and how much staffing dollars it might take.

Once the document is released, it'll go up for public comment.

The island's state-appointed board could take a final vote early next year.