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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 9:54am

Hurricane Season Ends Without Major US Storm

The hurricane season ended this week without a major storm striking the United States.

But that did not mean it was a stress-free summer for Chatham County's Emergency Manager.

Clayton Scott says, at one point in August, Hurricane Earl was in the Atlantic and everything pointed to the possibility of a Category 4 storm striking Savannah.

"We were within about one hour of recommending to the mayors and the Chairman of the County Commission that we initiate special needs and nursing home evacuations," Scott says.

A Savannah-based hazard analyst who makes annual storm forecasts says, for the most part, predictions for this year's season held up.

Chuck Watson of Kinetic Analysis says, forecasters correctly predicted the number of storms, but as with Earl, fewer than anticipated hit the US.

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