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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 8:50am

High Cost For Low Turnout

Turnout for today’s runoff elections is very low across the state. And rainy weather isn't helping the numbers. In Forsyth County voters have been asked to go to the polls a lot this year.

The County has held 3 elections with 3 runoffs, each costing at least $50.000 dollars.

That’s because it had a special election earlier this year for the congressional seat left vacant when Nathan Deal stepped down to run for governor.

Forsyth County Elections Supervisor Barbara Luth says today’s runoff to decide seats on the State Supreme Court and the State Court of Appeals is not bringing voters to the polls.

“They don’t even know what the elections is for," she says. "We had signs up for early voting and they’d say what you are voting for?”

Luth expects a turnout of less than 2 percent in her county. Because of all the runoffs she had to stretch her budget and is using volunteers to staff all 27 precincts.