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Thursday, November 25, 2010 - 1:00am

Georgia Businesses Eager For Holiday Shopping

Georgia businesses are hoping shoppers throw them a life-line by making sure they "buy local" this holiday season.

Retailers are in a hopeful mood.

A National Retail Federation report shows overall holiday spending should increase by about 2% this year.

Whether Georgia businesses cash in on the season, however, is up to consumers.

Paula Kreissler of the Buy Local Savannah campaign says, Georgia communities get more from gifts purchased locally.

"If you spend a dollar locally, then the reinvestment into the community is three times what it would be if you spent the same dollar that was going to a nation chain," Kreissler says. "Right now, I think, everyone's feeling like they may have a little more to spend this holiday season and so, hopefully, we've done our job all year long encouraging people to buy local."

Kreissler says, in addition to boosting the economy, buying locally has environment and philanthropic benefits.