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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 - 4:13am

Atlanta Schools Again Under Harsh Spotlight

A judge on Tuesday in Atlanta will hear arguments by members of the Atlanta School Board about who is in charge. The board split into two factions and if they can’t find common ground, the state may step in.

At issue is whether a rule change by the Atlanta School board was legal. It was done by a slight majority of five members so they could get leadership positions.

The attorney general ruled the change illegal, but board members ignored his opinion. The board faces loss of accreditation if the issue isn’t resolved.

State Representative Ed Lindsey says a new state law allows intervention before that happens, but parent’s shouldn’t bank on it.

“If necessary the state will step in to protect their children, but it’s always better to have for the things to be resolved at a local level then have the state move in and remove a local school board.”

Accrediting agency AdvanceEd will do an on-site review of Atlanta public schools next month.

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