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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 12:18pm

Georgia Baptists Oust Church Over Woman Pastor

At its annual meeting this week the Georgia Baptist Convention announced that Druid Hills Baptist Church will no longer be a member.

That’s because the church’s co-pastor Mimi Walker is a woman.

The group says its bylaws specifically forbid women from serving as pastors.

The rule stems from a bible verse.

But Walker says the GBC is selective about which verses they interpret so strictly:

"There are so many elements of scripture that are not being enforced as strictly as this one is and how the group as a whole has chosen this one to focus on you would have to ask the leaders."

Last year the GBC kicked out a church in Decatur for the same reason.

Walker says her church has joined the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia, a more moderate group.

In a statement a GBC spokesperson said the group has no problem with women serving in any position other than pastor.