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Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 9:54am

Common Foe Creates Unlikely Alliance

A coalition is speaking out against Georgia Power’s 1.2 billion dollar rate hike request. Groups who might normally be at odds have found themselves on the same side of the fence.

Georgia Power is asking to increase electricity rates across the board.

In testimony before the Public Service Commission this week, groups representing senior citizens, private businesses and the industrial sector united against parts of the proposal.

They reject the utility’s request to increase earnings by up to nearly 12 percent.

The coalition also opposes a new funding mechanism that would let Georgia Power automatically raise rates if profits go down, and lower rates if profits go up.

In his 18 years as an elected commissioner, Bobby Baker says he hasn’t seen this kind of united front in a rate case before.

"It’s very unusual but I think it highlights how important these issues are and how these issues cut across all rate classes and have an impact on all customers on the Georgia Power system," says Baker.

In past rate cases, Bakers says groups have disputed over who should bear the brunt of a rate increase.

Georgia Power will give its rebuttal testimony to the PSC December 1st.

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