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Friday, November 5, 2010 - 9:30am

High Speed Rail Plans Finalized

State transportation officials have sharpened their focus on high speed rail between Atlanta and Chattanooga.

Jill Goldberg with Georgia’s Department of Transportation says a presentation last night in Chattanooga unveiled a final set of plans, all directly involving the Interstate-75 corridor:

“There are four proposed routes, they’re all basically coming down (Interstate) ‘75’ and then they vary once you hit the ‘285’ Perimeter in Atlanta.”

Goldberg says the plans differ in deciding whether to use utility right-of-ways, or existing railroad lines. A final plan could be in-place by mid-2012.

Georgia’s in a race with other states to impress federal transportation officials and lock-in money for the project.

Next Monday and Tuesday there are public meetings in Dalton and Atlanta to show local residents and officials the latest high speed rail plans.