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Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 3:44am

Runoff Set For Ga. Supreme Court

Out of Tuesday elections, there will be a runoff for one statewide race -- a seat on Georgia’s Supreme Court. The runoff is scheduled for November 30th.

Incumbent David Nahmias will face what some might say is a little-known challenger -- who did little to no campaigning.

Tammy Lee Adkins is a divorce lawyer from Lawrenceville who drew 35 percent of ballots cast. She beat a third candidate on Tuesday—Matt Wilson—who was aggressive in campaigning and spent some of his own money in the process. Wilson, an Atlanta attorney, loaned himself more than $160,000 to mount the challenge

Adkins says she wasn’t able to take time-off from her day job to go out and campaign, raise money, or set up a website. Instead, she says she hoped voters would rely on her aggressive run at the Court of Appeals two years ago.

“Nothing has changed since the Court of Appeals election. There’s nothing to add. Everything that is reported under this election that was reported for the Court of Appeals is exactly the same.”

But Nahmias—the former US Attorney appointed to the state’s high bench last year—said before the general election, Adkins should have made herself visible.

“If we are going to have judicial elections, people should at least try to put themselves out and their information out so the voters can make an informed decision.”

Adkins says she now is in position to take time-off and campaign these next three and a half weeks.

"I am 100-percent in this campaign now, and I’m going to take this time off after I saw that 753,000 Georgians want me to be on the Supreme Court.”

Adkins acknowledges in the general election she probably drew votes from female voters and maybe being the first name on the ballot.

Kennesaw State University political science professor Kerwin Swint says for Nahmias, there's nothing he could have done in that case.

“I don’t know what he could’ve done differently to avoid a runoff. He’s just going to have to raise money, get out there again over the next several weeks and fight for it. He really doesn’t have a choice.”

Nahmias said Wednesday it's another opportunity for him to introduce himself to Georgia voters.


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