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Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 8:46am

DOT Can Skirt Dead Amendment

State transportation officials want to start building more roads in Georgia before they have all the money to pay for them. Although voters rejected that idea Tuesday when Amendment 3 failed, officials will still push the plan.

The state had been entering in multi-year contracts for years until it got audited in 2008. Auditors said the practice violated the state constitution.

Head of the state transportation board David Doss says it’s a matter of interpretation, and while Amendment 3 would have resolved the issue for good, there’s another way.

"Hopefully we’ve got a new attorney general, we’ve got a new governor and so we have a new opportunity to resolve this," says Doss, "because certainly it’s much needed for the department."

Doss says all it would take is an agreement signed by the DOT and the Georgia Road and Tollway Authority which is chaired by the governor to let the state start building roads before all the money for them is in the bank..

He says that would free up hundreds of millions of dollars to start projects.