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Wednesday, November 3, 2010 - 10:04am

Giant Panda Births Third Cub

13-year-old Lun Lun gave birth at around 5:30 in the morning in a specially designed birthing den at Zoo Atlanta.

Veterinarian Sam Rivera says there were no complications and mother and cub are doing well:

"As soon as it came out the first thing it did was this scream…calling for mom…and she picked it up immediately and was doing what every good giant panda mom does…she cuddled it in her arms and started cleaning it right away."

Lun-Lun had been under 24-hour watch since an ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy last month.

Rivera says it’s the first time the zoo has been able to detect a giant panda fetus using the technology:

"The intestinal tract is very large and is full of a lot of bamboo that sometimes makes the sonogram a little bit difficult just finding the right location of the fetus."

Zoo Atlanta is one of four zoos in the country with the endangered species.

Rivera says every birth is important because there are only about 280 giant pandas living in captivity and about 1,600 in the wild.

Zoo Atlanta has a live video feed for people who want to check in on Lun-Lun and her new cub.

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