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Monday, November 1, 2010 - 3:37am

Atlanta School Board Running Out of Time

The Embattled Atlanta School board is holding another meeting tonight. Time is running out for board members to end their strife or risk intervention by the state.

The Atlanta School Board split into two fraction of 5 and 4 members each, over mistrust of an internal CRCT cheating investigation. The 5 voted to change the rule so they could occupy the board chair positions. That move was deemed unlawful by the State Attorney General, but a judge last week did not want to rule on the issue and instead pushed a decision into late November. Meanwhile The School Board is also facing a deadline of December 1 by the Southern Association of colleges and schools. If SACS threatens to revoke accreditation, Governor Perdue could step in and remove school board members. The governor used the new state law in August to removed 3 members from the Warren county school board after strife on that school board.