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Friday, October 29, 2010 - 9:37am

Nuclear Energy's Next Generation

Officials with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions are partnering with technology companies to build a multi-reactor energy park.

North Carolina based GE Hitachi and New Mexico based Hyperion Power have been developing modular reactors that are much smaller than the one’s used in commercial power plants.

The GE Hitachi model uses recycled nuclear fuel to produce electricity while the Hyperion model is used to make synthetic fuel.

Both companies will test prototypes of their next generation technologies at SRS.

Will Callicott is a spokesman for SRNS:

"We think it’s another step that puts SRS and potentially the region in a roll toward transforming the energy future in this country."

SRS will have to get permission from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission before moving forward with the project.

Officials say they expect the park to cost about $200 million and be operational by around 2020.

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