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Friday, October 29, 2010 - 10:55am

Brunswick Plans Night School For Dropouts

School officials in coastal Glynn County plan to open a nighttime high school for dropouts.

The school will give dropouts a chance to earn diplomas.

Evening classes will be available only to high school dropouts under the age of 21.

Already about 80 former students say they're interested in attending.

School officials, however, say they need to enroll about 45 more to make the program worthwhile.

The school district's Jim Weidhaas says, evening hours provide flexibility to daytime workers.

"A lot of these students... are employed at this point," says spokesman Jim Weidhaas. "The content of the class is delivered a little bit differently, but it's the same content and they take the same tests as a student in a traditional high school would."

Some school board members have expressed concern about the program's cost.

The high school will employ five part-time teachers, relying only on state, but no local funding, for their salaries.

The program is modeled after a public charter school operating in eight Northeast Georgia counties.

It would hold class from 4-10pm at Golden Isles Career Academy.

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