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Thursday, October 28, 2010 - 12:54pm

Halloween: Saturday Or Sunday?

Residents in some Georgia cities are debating whether to mark this year's Halloween on Saturday or Sunday.

Efforts to change the trick-or-treating night for religious reasons are sparking confusion.

Savannah's Mayor and County Commission Chariman presented a united front Monday, urging parents to send kids candy-gathering on Saturday.

They noted the Sabbath and the fact that some private schools are open the next day.

Public schools here are off on Monday.

That sent neighborhoods planning for Sunday into a tizzy.

Musician Kevin Rose, father of three, was upset enough to send the leaders a letter.

"There's a lot more traffic out on Saturday night," Rose says. "It was just too late in the game to make that decision."

Some residents say, the Georgia-Florida game will be letting out on Saturday night, with the potential for drunk drivers on the road.

The debate also hit Macon, where city and county leaders also endorsed Saturday over the objections of some neighborhood leaders.

Despite their grumbling, many neighborhood groups that planned for Sunday appear to have fallen in line with Saturday night.