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Wednesday, October 27, 2010 - 12:58pm

Secret Money Part Of Georgia Races

Advocacy groups not affiliated with a political party have pumped money into some Georgia races this year. The fact that their donors are hidden bothers advocacy groups.

Georgia’s hotly contested 2nd and 8th Congressional districts are the recipients of most of the non party affiliated money.

According to the Campaign Finance Institute with Georgetown University over $920,000 dollars was spent in favor of Republican Austin Scott. That’s more money than Scott raised himself.

Advocacy groups spend just over $5,000 dollars on Scotts' opponent Democrat Jim Marshall. Due to a Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United tracing the source of the money is tough says Bill Bozarth with Common Cause Georgia.

“Most Georgians would say that money in politics is one thing, but secret money in politics is an entirely ne dimension. That takes us back to pre- water gate rules when there was no campaign rules," he says.

In Georgia’s 2nd district nearly half a million dollar in non party advocacy dollars was spent for Republican Mike Keown.

Tuesday NPR unveiled a map that shows political connections between advocacy groups that don’t have to name their donors. You can find the map at

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