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Wednesday, October 27, 2010 - 10:03am

NAACP Announces New Officers

NAACP officials announced interim officers for the Albany-Dougherty chapter on Tuesday. Earlier this month, state conference officials suspended all Albany officers for not complying with state regulations and failed negotiations to collect over $2,000 in past dues.

Marvin Jones, interim president in Albany, says that there were several problems with the chapter.

“Finances are just one of the many issues out there but there are other areas of violation like ignoring the State Conference that my branch, Albany-Doughtery, has been guilty of as it relates to how we function within the perimeters of our constitution and bylaws.”

Jones and six other officers were appointed on Tuesday. They will hold the positions until new members can be elected. Jones says there are no known further consequences for the suspended officers.

Maurice King, A representative of the former officers, says the NAACP has no constitutional grounds for suspension. He says after attempting to correspond with the national and state chapter, they have received no response.

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