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Friday, October 15, 2010 - 10:32am

Music Hall Of Fame Bidders Come Forward

For the first time cities who would like to take the Georgia Music Hall of Fame out of Macon have been made public. They showed up for a mandatory meeting with state officials today at the Museum.

The potential cities are Albany, Athens, Dahlonega, Dunwoody, and Woodstock. Potential bidders toured the facility that houses memorabilia from bands like the Allman Brothers, Otis Redding and B’52’s.

The state museum has been steadily losing public funding. Recently lawmakers called for it to become independent and allowed other cities to make a bid to have it moved. Athens Mayor Heidi Davison came with a large contingency.

“Everybody says oh it’s logical to have put it in Athens and I think that just again, I don’t think that recognizes the rich musical history in Macon. So, I don’t think the position of it was illogical but something about the model, something obviously wasn’t working.”

Macon officials have formed a group of business and community leaders to submit a proposal as well. They say they’re determined to keep the Music Hall of Fame in Macon. Mike Dyer heads up the group.

“I think we’re the incumbent. These are ours to lose and if we put a solid proposal in, that we can convince them that we’re serious in Macon about keeping the museums…we’ll keep them.”

State lawmakers passed a bill that seeks proposals from interested cities to house the official state music museum. A similar meeting will be held next week at the Sports Hall of Fame.