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Friday, October 15, 2010 - 11:56am

DNR: Fewer Officers, Fewer Violations

Deer hunting season opens this weekend. Saturday is also Georgia’s Turn in Poachers Day. The state is having to rely more on tips since it has fewer officers on the ground.

In the past few years, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has had to cut about 60 officers from its staff due to state budget reductions. That means fewer people to enforce hunting, boating, environmental laws and the like says Mike England with the DNR.

He says that’s why the number of violations has trended downward.

"It’s not that people aren’t violating as much; we just don’t have as many folks out looking for things," says England.

Last year, DNR officers issued nearly 8,000 hunting citations. That was about 500 fewer than the year before. Common violations include, hunting with bait, in unauthorized areas, and taking more game than allowed.

The public can reach the TIP hotline by dialing 1-800-241-4113, by dialing *DNR on a cell phone, or by sending an email to

For more information, visit (select the TIP logo on the bottom of the home page), contact a local Wildlife Resources Division Law Enforcement office or call (770) 918-6414.

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