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Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 10:17am

Engineering At UGA Needs Study

The University of Georgia may need to convince lawmakers that it’s the best place for expanding engineering programs in the state. Governor Perdue convinced the Board of Regents to delay a vote on UGA’s engineering proposal.

UGA says it wants to ad civil, electrical and mechanical engineering degrees. The move prompted Governor Perdue to go before the Regents this week and plead for a delay of approval. Perdue’s spokesman Bert Brantley says the governor is not opposed to more engineering programs in the state, but he wants to make sure UGA is the right place for it.

It’s an enrollment capped institution that only allows a certain amount of students there and is UGA really the right place? Maybe it is.

But that, Brantley says needs to be studied and budget writers need to have input. For one, he says Georgia Southern is also looking to expand it’s engineering programs. The Regents have postponed a decision until after the November Elections.

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