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Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 12:02pm

Braves Hire New Manager

--Hear highlights of the press conference above --

Less than 48 hours after Bobby Cox wrapped up his managing career, the Atlanta Braves introduced former Florida manager Fredi Gonzalez as his replacement.

The announcement Wednesday was widely expected since Gonzalez was fired in June by the Marlins. Cox had said more than a year ago this would be his final season, and his two-decade-long tenure ended with a loss to San Francisco in the NL division series Monday night.

Cox held a farewell news conference at Turner Field. As soon as he was done, the Braves introduced Gonzalez as their new manager, with Cox as his side.

Gonzalez served as the Braves' third-base coach from 2003-06. He then took over as Florida's manager, a post he held for 3 1/2 years.

Gonzalez says he couldn’t help but learn a lot about the craft of managing when he was with the Braves:

“I think if you’re around a person like Bobby and you just pay don’t have to ask questions, you just pay attention to the way he carries himself and runs a game I think you learn. And hopefully I did that.”

Cox was at the Braves announcement today, and called Gonzalez a “great pick” to lead the team.

“He knows the game of baseball inside-out, he’s got a great personality with players. Communication skills are excellent. Anything you’d want in a young manager, Fredi possesses.”

Gonzalez signed a three-year contract as Braves manager.


Edgar Treiguts