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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 11:09am

Health Care Law Could Mean Tax Cuts

The group Families USA says nearly a million Georgians could benefit from tax credits under new health care legislation passed in April.

In 2014 working families who pay more than 9-percent of their income for health insurance will become eligible for a tax credit. Advocates for the controversial changes in health care say this will help more people afford coverage.

Cindy Zeldin is with Georgians for a Healthy Future. She says people can get the tax credit when they purchase private insurance through a health exchange.

“The real source of coverage for people who don’t have quality employer-based coverage will be the exchange and that’s where they’ll go to get their, not only their coverage but to apply for and receive the premium tax credit.”

The program targets families with incomes between thirty and ninety thousand dollars a year.