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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 11:35am

AGL Cuts Rate Request By $5M

Atlanta Gas Light is asking its regulators to grant a $48 million rate hike. That’s lower than what the company first requested.

In the spring, AGL had requested a $54 million increase, but now it’s asking the Public Service Commission to raise customer rates $48 million. AGL’s president Suzanne Sitherwood.

"We wanted to update our filing because we knew there had been market changes and conditions and the net effect of that is we reduced our request by over $5 million," says Sitherwood.

At an earlier hearing, the PSC’s public advocacy staff concluded existing rates are already too high and AGL should reduce them by $16 million.

AGL called the recommendation illogical Tuesday. It gave its rebuttal to elected commission members who will vote on the rate hike later this month.

If approved, AGL’s 1.5 million customers could be paying up to about two and half dollars more each month on their gas bills.

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