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Saturday, October 9, 2010 - 2:19pm

AP: Deal Paid Unusually Low Taxes

Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal paid unusually low federal income taxes in past years. That’s according to an analysis by the Associated Press. It's yet another financial issue to emerge in the campaign.

Deal’s democratic opponent Roy Barnes pressed the former U.S. congressman early on in this election season to release his tax forms.

The Associated Press reports Deal’s tax documents reveal he and his wife Sandra paid three percent of their income in taxes in 2006; and just one percent the following year.

The average taxpayer in Deal’s tax bracket pays about 17 percent. according to IRS data.

Deal’s campaign manager Brian Robinson says Deal has paid everything he owes in taxes, and he won’t release any more tax forms because it would jeopardize the privacy of his business partners.

"His business partners are private individuals they have a right to privacy and we have shown the public all of Nathan’s personal tax returns. Other forms would invade the privacy of other people," says Robinson.

Deal’s personal finances have gotten him a lot of attention in recent weeks.

It came to light he was over 2 million dollars in debt for guaranteeing a loan for his daughter and her husband’s failed business venture. He also failed to disclosed millions of dollars in other business loans.