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Monday, September 27, 2010 - 8:20pm

Rhode Executed In Georgia

Georgia executed a man yesterday who had tried to kill himself last week by cutting his throat and arms with a razor. Brandon Joseph Rhode was put to death by lethal injection for the murder of 2 Children and their father.

Rhode was pronounced dead at 10:16 pm. he’d been on death row in Georgia for 10 years. After Rhodes suicide attempt his lawyer argued that he is not competent to be executed and the courts should evaluate whether he understands why he’s being punished. The Courts refused.

Debbie Lurie-Smith with the Jones County News was a witness to the execution.

“He looked pretty terrified and then he got over it and started to look around and made eye contact with anyone who would make eye contact with him,” she says.

Rhodes did not have a final statement nor did he want a prayer. He was sentenced to die for the 1998 killings of Steven Moss, his 11-year-old son Bryan and 15-year-old daughter Kristin during a burglary in Johnson County, Georgia.

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