Tue., September 21, 2010 3:39pm (EDT)

Barrow Won't Return Funds
By Orlando Montoya
Updated: 4 years ago

SAVANNAH, Ga.  —  
(photo U.S. House of Representatives)
(photo U.S. House of Representatives)
Georgia Congressman John Barrow says, he won't return $24,000 embattled Democrat Charles Rangel gave his campaign.

The New York lawmaker is accused of several ethics charges, including not paying taxes on some of his income.

"Congressman Barrow is not going to make a symbolic gesture based on contributions he received in past election cycles that were spent a long time ago," says Jane Brodsky, the spokeswoman for Barrow. "He has neither received nor accepted any contributions after allegations of ethical impropriety arose."

The Republican running to unseat Barrow this year, Ray McKinney, calls the campaign contribution "dirty money" and says Barrow should donate it to charity.