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Thursday, September 16, 2010 - 8:51am

Financial Issues Could Make or Break Deal's Campaign

Revelations that Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal owes more than 2 million dollars from backing a failed family business may hurt or help his campaign.
University of Georgia Political Scientist Charles Bullock says the issue could loose Deal some votes.
“It probably will," Bullock says. " Is it fatal? Hard to say. Nothing says he can’t continue the campaign, it may raise further doubts in people’s minds. The Deal Campaign might turn this into an advantage portraying him as the little man. The one who can identify with the person having a hard time making payments.”
A Survey USA poll released Monday shows Deal in a double digit lead over Roy Barnes.
Bullock says he doesn’t think Barnes will use the issue in his campaign. But outside groups, he says, are likely to use Deal’s financial troubles in political ads.